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Organization and Inspiration for anyone who writes



Writer's Toolbox contains a simple notebook. Add entries quickly. Add any scrap of an idea, or write longer pieces. Tag them for fast and flexible filtering. Get your ideas down without delay.


Writer's Toolbox allows you to keep relevant details of your project organized. Add the people, places, or things involved in your work. Attach a picture of you like to have a concrete image for reference later. Make as many projects as you need to keep information about all of your works in progress.




Whether part of a daily exercise or just for an occasional tune-up, writing prompts help you start a story and work on those creative muscles to keep them strong. With over 100 prompts to get you going, Writer's Toolbox is part of your daily routine. Prompts are stored in your notebook and tagged for easy review.


Need something out of left field? Need a lead to where you didn't think to go? A brainstorm starts with an Ideacloud. Ideacloud uses an algorithm designed to create unlikely phrases, forcing your brain to try to construct connections. Keep the ones that spark an idea and refresh to keep the non-sequiturs flowing.